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Koizumi Products Line-Up

Points of unique manufacturing and different ideas


Beauty Product

MONSTER KoizumiBeautySeries ResetBrush

Propose beauty that suits the 24 hours life scene.

We quickly and accurately grasp the diversification of life scene and changes in lifestyle, and realize products satisfying our customer's demands and prioritize "tenderness" and "care" ahead of all others.

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Audio Product

image Wireless Speaker SOUNDLOOK

Propose a lifestyle with relaxation and peace.

AV equipment is indispensable for relaxing time. We develop our AV equipment with the basis of perfect balance between function and design.

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Electric Cooking Appliance

Smoke-Toaster Ovens Microwave Oven IH Grilling Pot Soup Maker

Propose convenient and enjoyable life.

Electric cooking appliances are indispensable for everyday life. We plan and develop products that clearly characterize functionality, good design and usability, and propose enjoyable and prosperous daily life.

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Seasonal Products

Kotatsu (Japanese winter table which is covered by a heavy blanket and has a heat source underneath) Personal Humidifier

We propose eco-friendly and comfortable living that colors your four seasonal life.

While making the living space more comfortable, we aim to be clean and energy efficient, and, above everything, to be safe. We are making “Proposal of Comfortable Space” by developing products that carefully considers environment, health, reliability and safety.

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Home Lighting


Propose highly unique "lighting" that illuminates each customer's individual life.

KOIZUMI offers a wide range of home lighting equipment that satisfies diverse situation, from solution for specific categories to the total coordination in diverse tastes. It is "Lighting Proposal with Refinement". Moreover, we engage with cutting-edge product development in order to quickly respond to the diversification of living space and changes in value.

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