Koizumi Seiki Corporation

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Company Name Koizumi Seiki Corporation
President Representative Director, Yuji Tanaka
Headquarters Address 3-3-7, Bingomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Japan (Click here for map)
Founding January 19, 1989
Capital Stock 593 Million Yen
Settlement Once every year at the end of March
Business Type Planning and Development, production and wholesale of household electric appliances and household products.
Employee Number 333 (As of the end of March 2020)
  • Koizumi Sangyo Corporation,
  • Koizumi Seiki Employee Stock Ownership Plan,
  • Mizuho Bank,
  • Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.,
  • Tiger Corporation, Toyotomi Co., Ltd.,
  • Paloma Co., Ltd.,
  • The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ and others.
Main Banks Mizuho Bank, The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Member of the Board

President & CEO Yuji Tanaka

Executive Director, Head of Product Administration Department Tadashi Hashimoto

Director, Head of Sales Management Department for Western Japan Katsuhiro Sawai

Director, Head of Sales Management Department for Eastern Japan Nobuyuki Nakahama

Director, Management group leader Hideo Saitou

Auditor, Full-time Yoshihiro Ishibashi

Auditor, Part-time Masaharu Yamamoto

Auditor, Part-time Takehiro Oishi

  • Household electric appliances specialty store,
  • Hardware store,
  • Discount store,
  • GMS,
  • Drugstore
  • Philips,
  • Paloma,
  • Omron Healthcare,
  • Koizumi Lighting,
  • Groupe SEB Japan,
  • Tiger,
  • Nestle Japan,
  • Toyotomi,
  • TOTO,
  • Tanita,
  • Alinco,
  • Jaguar,
  • Aiphone,
  • Sodastream etc.
Group Companies
  • Alphax.Koizumi Corporation,
  • Koizumi Seiki (Hong Kong) Limited
Affiliated Companies
  • Koizumi Sangyo Corporation,
  • Koizumi Lighting Corporation,
  • Koizumi Furnitech Corporation,
  • Koizumi Logistics Service Corporation,
  • HELLO LIVING Co., Ltd.,
  • Koizumi Insurance Center,
  • KOIZUMI Co., Ltd.,
  • Koizumi Apparel,
  • Koizumi Clothing Group

Business Result Trend

Sales Trend

Year Sales
2020 (Projection) 70.0 Billion Yen
2019 69.5 Billion Yen
2018 71.7 Billion Yen
2017 73.7 Billion Yen

Sales Trend

Breakdown According to the Product Type

Product Sales
Cooking and Housekeeping Appliance 22.4 Billion Yen 32.3%
Health Product 20.9 Billion Yen 30.1%
Hairdressing and Beauty Appliance 13.9 Billion Yen 20.0%
Seasonal Product 6.7 Billion Yen 9.6%
Audio and Security Product 3.6 Billion Yen 5.1%
Home Lighting Equipment 1.7 Billion Yen 2.5%
Others 200 Million Yen 0.3%
Total 69.5 Billion Yen 100%
* The actual number of each sales amount and the total amount was rounded off to 100 Million.

Breakdown According to the Product Type

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution ActivitiesSince 2015, Koizumi Seiki is participating in the children’s study desk donation program to foster homes.

Activity Report for 2015

Activity Report for 2016

Activity Report for 2017