Koizumi Seiki Corporation

Corporate Message / Management Philosophy

Message from our Chairman & CEO and President & COO, and management philosophy of Koizumi Seiki.

The Koizumi Group started doing business over 300 years ago when founder Tahee Koizumi began trading in linen in 1716. By building on our long history,which has encompassed the long and turbulent Meiji, Taisho ,and Showa eras(1868-1989),we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a unique"developer/supplier"to the small appliance market. Today,with our ideal combination of house brand products exhibiting our planning development expertise and our dominant brands from japan and other countries demonstrating the advantages of our agency business,we have established a business model that stimulates demand by offering the promise of a rich lifestyle. This enables us to inspire customers with a sense of discovery and novel experience as we recommend products at the sales counter. Underlying our history is our commitment to daily small innovations,"creating a cumulative effect that contributes to a change of lifestyle while always taking the consumers's perspective without remaining wed to one product or one strength.This initiative changes with each employee's discoveries or product inspirations as reflected in"the wisdom of daily life,"eveloving as an intangible business asset with unlimited potential.In future, we inted to adopt"richness of quality"over "pursuit of quantity"as our principal business fpcus as we accommdate changing times.We will further enchance the brand value of Koizumi Seiki as a place where our employees can achieve their goals, as a partner promoting harmony and mutal prosperity with our suppliers, and as a navigator of richer lifestyles for consumers.

"Sanpo Yoshi" as a business principle

Corporate LogoEver since our founding,the Sanpo Yoshi spirit that underscored the business practices of the Omi Merchants has been irremovably woven into our DNA. Put simply,Sanpo Yoshi means to do business in manner that pleases both the vendor and the buyer,and duly contributes to society. The Omi Merchants were nationally oriented when it came to marketing; they did business all across Japan by building a nationwide sales network around a main office.Integral to that, they believed that earning the trust of the local community was paramount to moving into other areas, which led them to the Sanpo Yoshi principle. At Koizumi Seiki, that win-win-win mindset carries on still today.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Training and improving character – in other words, fostering inner improvement and humanity as people and cultivating ability and decisiveness in business.

Company Code of Conduct

  • Gain trust through sincerity and effort.
  • Become a leader through youthfulness and courage.
  • Achieve efficiency through creativity and cooperation.
  • Be aware of your duty and contribute to the society.
  • Enhance the business and build healthy family.

Corporate Mission Statement

Our stated policy is to use the best technology to build the finest products and to ensure their effective distribution through a highly efficient sales network and well-managed stores. We consider the pursuit of excellence in design development, production and marketing to be the basic foundation for our continued success.